Permanent make-up: Eyebrows and Eyeliner

We, Leanne (49) & Taryn (20) both were very keen to have permanent make-up done, but we were very apprehensive about the whole procedure! Horror stories of how sore it was etc…had stopped us from going ahead!

Then we met Alison Warren! Alison’s kindness and enthusiasm won us over immediately & her professionalism was of the greatest level! We both decided to have our upper & lower eyelids done with permanent eyeliner . I, Leanne decided to do my eyebrows as well!  

This is definitely one of the best decisions we have ever made! Alison did a fantastic job & we are so blessed by the outcome…it has changed our lives!

Both of us have been to Alison for our hair styling, cutting, colouring and also for evening make-up.

Alison is truly a genius & we are so glad that we made the decision to go to her. We would like to recommend Alison to anyone who desires to “enhance” their   looks.


permanent eye liner

Permanent Eye Liner

For as long as I can recall, I have wanted to have permanent liner done on my eyes.  Two things stopped me... 1. I don't have a very high pain threshold and 2, letting someone work so close to one of your most important organs was way to daunting for me. 

So when I gathered enough guts to overcome the above, it was like Alison from  ASH was God sent.  She did it just like I asked.  Thin and natural looking. 

I have been stopped in stores, where people ask if it is in fact permanent liner and where I have had it done, because it is done so perfectly.  3 years and I still don't apply any extra liner and can even go without any other makeup.  Thanks Al for such a stunning job, you are truly the best!

Petra Lopes

Permanent Make-up for Natural Blondes

permanent make-up for natural blondes

Casandra Cooper
Faerie Glen, Pretoria

Permanent make-up is by far the most amazing and convenient invention ever.

I am a natural blonde, thus been cursed with blonde eyebrows and eyelashes.

I had to draw on my eyebrows everyday, and every night after I would wash my face, because without them I would look like Freddy Krueger (Remember Nightmare on Elm Street?), yes, that bad! I finally gathered the courage to go for permanent make-up.

I think just the word ‘tattoo’ alone scared me, but after actually just seeing some before and after pictures, my mind was made up. (And really not painful at all, just a little annoying, BUT SO WORTH IT!)

I went to see Alison and she got to working on me. She did my eyebrows, eyeliner and now recently my lip-liner (with a shade-in). And I am so excited about it. I would not even hang up my washing without having to put at least a little something on my face, especially my eyebrows and eyeliner. I felt naked. And swimming, what a nightmare, always had to keep my head above water coz I didn't want my make-up to come off. It made me feel so ugly, insecure and well, took away all my confidence. People actually teased me on how pale I was, sometimes even joked and said I looked like an Albino.

But those days are in the past and are NEVER to return. I wash my face off every night and hold my head up high with confidence. I even wash my face when I have guests over and will go join them again (naked). They don't even notice that I washed all my extra make-up off...

It's wonderful. It also cut my time putting on make-up to a minimum, seriously! And another Fantastic thing about permanent make-up is, NO MESS, NO FUSS. I sometimes drew my eyebrows on skew, (HOW embarrassing), or I’d sweat and wipe the one half off... Ah, so glad those days are gone. The other problem I would sit with, was my eyeliner. I would often rub my eye by accident, not even realizing that I smeared it across my face and there I would sit with a client, doing a presentation, only to see the big embarrassing mess once I got in my car and took a look in the mirror.

The best is now my new lip-liner, which I put off for about 4 years, due to being afraid of the pain. People will tell you lies, why, I do not know. It really was not that bad at all. It's quick and let me tell you, the best thing ever. I was permanently putting my lip-liner on, and when I say permanently, I mean at least every hour, which really was a pain, coz without having my lip-liner and lipstick, I would feel that my face was incomplete. Now I can eat, wipe my mouth and just put some lip-ice or lip-gloss on and I look fab!

Permanent make-up sure is the way to go and I would encourage every person I knew to go have at least something done, you will LOVE it

Donna Kneafsey

Professional Service

The services I received while at ASH were carried out very professionally within a warm, welcoming environment.

Alison is a friendly, energetic lady with great social and technical skills.

I will certainly be coming back for more.

Michelle Jeannes
Kameeldrift East, Pretoria

You don't have to put on makeup!

Permanent Makeup is the best thing ever! You get up in the morning and you don’t even have to put makeup on!

Alison is technically gifted and makes you feel completely at ease when having your permanent makeup done.

I have never regretted doing this for myself.


Surgery cover up

John had surgery above his right eye where they cut away most of his eyebrow. He says “Alison, you did such a good job that my friends forgot I had surgery on my eyebrow! They don’t notice anything! Thank you!”