DermaDure Pigments




Cocoa Brown, Chocolate Brown, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Skin Color 1-5, Areola Color 1-5, Red, Burnt Orange, Pink, Nude, etc

Prices vary from R350 – R520

Good quality and lasting stay

Last 2 – 5 years

Do not change color

Can be used by manual pen, microblading or permanent makeup machine

Manufactured and formulated under strict safety guidelines

All our pigments are packed and sterilized, ensuring the highest quality standards

Colors take quickly and have a natural true result

Our pigments contain Ethanol which keeps the consistency manageable

Ingredients: Glycerin, propyleneglycol, alcohol, water, witch hazel antioxidant formula,
non-toxic pigment blend.

Storage: Avoid sunshine, keep it in a cool and dry place.

Feature: Easy color application, even color distribution, long lasting, natural and easy to use

Non-toxic, waterproof